“Subservience” on Harley Unhinged


Hi readers! Thanks for stopping in. For once just a quick note.


A fellow blogger, Harley Unhinged, has offered me the honor of posting a guest poem on her blog. She is an unabashed writer whose posts range from brutally honest depictions of personal struggles, to poetry and prose that is as provocative, as it is evocative. Her word play takes the reader on an amazing journey through the blurred world where romance and eroticism intersect. All tinged with a lovely slant of deranged pin-up girl beauty and charm, with fangs. After reading some of her work I was inspired and wrote a piece I will not share here in respect to the sensibilities of some of my readers. However, the bravest of heart can feel free to read it here:

Subservience on Harley Unhinged

My most sincere thanks to Harley for her graciousness and support. Her work was the inspiration to mine and I am honored to have it share the same space.



3 Responses to ““Subservience” on Harley Unhinged”
  1. Harley Unhinged says:

    Thank you so much again for allowing me the opportunity to host your work. You will always have a guest room at Harley Unhinged 💋♥️🖤

  2. I like this girl. She seems like a firecracker. Hahah 😀

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