My Love Remains



For my love remains

Weathered but untethered

Beaten, but yet unbowed

Saved as if some treasure

And buried just as deep


For my love remains

Hidden not forbidden

Has strength, but yet so frail

Chorus well remembered

Verses lost over time


For my love remains

Abject but incorrect

Pleasure, but yet the pain

Trying to roll a ten

With just one die in hand


For my love remains

Actor but detractor

Jester, but yet so real

Like after faded pain

When everything is numb


Ornate but underweight

Wanted but yet unsought

Something vestigial

That doesn’t go away

For my love remains




10 Responses to “My Love Remains”
  1. Amazing πŸ‘Œ your love remains powerful

  2. Jim Borden says:

    I like the style of this poem – same opening line for each stanza, except the last one that closes with it. And then there is the rhyming of the words on the second lines. Is this a form of poetry, or did you create this style yourself? If it is your style, then I think you need to give it name so that you can claim it! πŸ™‚

    • Brad Osborne says:

      You caught me, Jim! It is a style of my own making. First line is the refrain, five or six syllables. Second line is a contradiction given in rhyme, six syllables. Third is an unrhyming contradiction, six syllables. And the final two lines in the stanza should tie together and convey a solid concept, both six syllables. Last stanza simply moves the refrain to the last line of the poem. I have not studied all the defined styles yet, so there may be something just like this out there already, I am just not sure. If not, then I will name this style Jodetta, as an homage to my loving sister! Thanks for reading, noticing, and commenting!

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