On Scherian Shores


Alcinous gave the Greek king stage

And reveled in the tales he told

His stories had become a wage

As he was shipwrecked with no gold


And when Alcinous asked of love

Odysseus gave pause to think

He smiled at lamp lit above

Tilting head to finish his drink


I have known hundreds of women

But I do not say this as boast

Rarified the magic given

To ones I remember the most


For of all the beauties I have known

Each so rare and so exquisite

The greatest on two hands be shown

Life left changed by angel’s visit


Their love did shine above the rest

In a life that passed by so fast

No measure given to which best

Just one was first and one was last


The first love, her name was Storge

I knew her when I was still young

But the love we still share today

Did our family bond become


Another love since younger years

Dear Philia, the greatest friend

The shoulder that felt all the tears

An ungendered love that could mend


Yet transient love comes and goes

Days spent sharing a laugh or smile

But the heart was still an echo

And this bond was a bit fragile


Then, as young men are want to do

Becoming man now more than myth

It was Eros’ love I knew

And her sultry feminine gifts


She had me chained for many years

Abandoned in her sweet desires

Until Xenia showed a love clear

Cold nights warmed by sharing fire


She I had loved in many eyes

Each kind word and helpful gesture

Graciousness her hiding’s demise

Her love gave the world new texture


My love for Philautia just grew

The seed in birth, esteem bestowed

Struggled through each trial anew

The only love that I was owed


Mirrored her reflecting the self

And finding how to love him too

This type of love the greatest wealth

But the heart demands more from you


So, with a golden wedding ring

Loved Pragma met at the altar

Lasting bond hoped duty would bring

The easiest love to falter


Amongst the years and all the trysts

A love that let the heart act fool

The uncomplicated Ludus

Flirtatious, enticing, playful


For those the well-remembered fun

And each was a slice of heaven

But there is still the greatest one

Making final count just seven


Of all the loves from tame to wild

The only one that really stays

Is the love you have for your child

An endless love named, Agape


16 Responses to “On Scherian Shores”
  1. beth says:

    Beautiful ending –

  2. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Epic! Quite an effort!

  3. petespringerauthor says:

    Endless love for a child is a beautiful way to wrap this one up.

  4. jonicaggiano says:

    Wow, that was a beautiful piece, quite a bit involved and so perfectly worded, each and every stanza. I loved the ending too. Unconditional love, the greatest love of all. So true and difficult for humans to do as well. Just lovely Brad. Jonikens

  5. Jim Borden says:

    like others have pointed out, a great way to end the poem.

    It also seems like someone needs to visit Greece… 🙂

  6. Isha says:

    Of all the loves from tame to wild
    The only one that really stays
    Is the love you have for your child
    An endless love named, Agape

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