Gray Cloud

I cannot hear the vivid sunshine,

your whispers no longer wake my ears.

Nor taste the pleasure of sweet red wine,

your kiss no longer there for my tears.


I cannot see the paired birds fly by,

your eyes no longer there as my light.

I cannot touch a warm rock nearby,

your hands no longer holding me tight.


I cannot smell sweet flowers in row,

your scent no longer wafting in mind.

I cannot feel the dappled warm glow,

your heart no longer beating with mine.


I cannot hold this fine moment in time

your body no longer my joy found.

I cannot enjoy a world sublime,

your love no longer my rock profound.


Who would think, after so many years,

that the loss would still hold so much sway.

To yet bring back sentimental tears,

and bring gray cloud to great summer day.

8 Responses to “Gray Cloud”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    must be in a melancholy mood today, Brad! anther wonderful poem.

  2. meenawalia says:

    The sorrow and pangs of separation so beautifully expressed Brad..too good

  3. I feel how you miss her.

  4. Jennifer Sterling says:

    Beautiful, brought tears to my eyes during this time in my life

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