Now Boarding…



With a quick glance I see

The “E” on your boarding pass

They just called for section “B”

Why must you be such an ass


The seat you get won’t be mine

Or anyone else’s so

Why must you jump in line

And make the process slow


There is a reason and method

A purpose to the parade

Courtesy not in your head

For seat assignments made


None of us are able to go

Until all of us can board

Why must you cause a roe

You bane to travelling horde


Of arrival you are assured

You will get there just as fast

As for getting us all onboard

Karma says you should be last




4 Responses to “Now Boarding…”
  1. petespringerauthor says:

    You’ve hit on one of the mysteries of life, Brad. My only guess is they want to make sure they can get their bag in an overhead storage bin before they’re all taken. Don’t they feel the least bit guilty when the elderly man/woman, struggling with a bag, can’t find space?

  2. Jim Borden says:

    I’m with you and Pete on this one. I just don’t get it. Although I must admit I always hope I don’t get the letter E!

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