Are You Not My Brother?


How is it the color of one’s skin

Somehow defines what is held within

Or the different shape of someone’s eyes

Speaks to all that is found inside


How does a certain ancestry

A derivative of past history

Determine the worth of mortal soul

And relegate them to a given role


How does the God they reflect

Not earn the same kind of respect

That we demand for our own

When who is right remains unknown


How does their place of birth

Determine their only worth

This thing they did not choose

Insignificant and nothing proves


How does their cultural difference

Portray any truth by inference

How do their beloved traditions

Delineate the human condition


How does an odd sounding name

Saddle them with random blame

A long and proud family lineage

Is nothing we should disparage


How does the accent we hear

Create an unwarranted fear

A value placed on their words

Simply by how they are heard


Our past holds this kind of hate

Of those who expatriate

And all the wars that we’ve fought

Has not yet found acceptance bought


17 Responses to “Are You Not My Brother?”
  1. kristianw84 says:

    I want to share your poetry with the world, Brad! It needs more people like you. ❤

  2. beth says:

    thank you for these words, it is still so horrible that it exists at all

  3. It is about time that EQUALITY ruled! Men, women, and that there be no such thing as “race”, “ethnicity”, “colour”, “creed” or “national origin”. It is one world and one LOVE, (like Marley said and he was right). No one has the right to think they are inherently better than anyone else. Beautiful poem Brad! Exceptional message and a lesson that must be taught to all, especially the older folk (old farts) around the world, because I think the young people understand it. All the best!

  4. Jim Borden says:

    beautiful, powerful words, Brad. how does the luck of birth determine so much…

  5. petespringerauthor says:

    We’re supposed to be a developed society, yet we continue to judge people on everything else besides their character.

  6. janetsm says:

    I learned about your poetry from Francisco Cabrera (valenciartist) today. This poem is beautiful on many levels. So glad I’ve found your blog!

  7. janetsm says:

    Thank you, Francis, for introducing me to Brad Osborne’s work.

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