Mother Goose Remembered



Just a little fun with a variation of the “Found” poetry form. Each line is taken from a different Mother Goose rhyme. Some I am sure you will recognize.



I wrote a letter to my love

Tell me when your wedding be

“Coo”, said the turtle dove

This little pig said, “Wee, wee!”


And so, I went singing along

Lavender blue and rosemary green

And I will sing a pretty song

Gathering roses to give to the Queen


Monkeys made of gingerbread

When the snow is on the ground

Are the children in their beds?

Says the owner, “Go around.”


The mouse ran up the clock

Eating of Christmas pie

When the wind blows, the cradle will rock

All hung on a tree to dry


Her mother came and caught her

What naughty tricks they put upon me

The storms grow stronger

For nobody cares for thee




16 Responses to “Mother Goose Remembered”
  1. Thanks! Apparently I’m quite rusty on Mother Goose rhymes as I don’t remember all of these lines! But well written and fun to read!

  2. sudrakarma says:

    How very clever. It also gave me a flashback to that big Mother Goose volume we used to have in the house when I was a kid. ; )

  3. beth says:

    this one is so fun! mother goose would be proud, i’m sure. i teach my classes these rhymes, as many of them had never heard them before, and always interesting trying to explain some of the words and their meanings –

  4. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    I don’t know about Mother Goose but I must say you are a Master my friend! Great work, fun and very witty. All the best and wishing you a great week ahead.

  5. Thanks for sharing this marvelous post. I m very pleased to read this article .I enjoy this site – its so useful and helpful.

    Keep it up!!

  6. kristianw84 says:

    Such a fun poem! Lavender, rosemary, and monkeys. A few of my favorite things made an appearance. Nicely done!!

  7. Jim Borden says:

    love the creativity – well done, Brad!

  8. alwayswithlovekat says:

    Nice one Brad!

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