Tuesday Tidbits #95


Welcome to the limited series, Tuesday Tidbits. A collection of quotes to provide inspiration, determination, and elevation. I hope you find something that brightens your day!

Don’t let the feminist movement fool you. Any woman is still appreciative of having the door held for her when it is done out of respect. It is the intention not the behavior they fought against for so long. Being a gentleman will never be out of style.

The more honest we are as writers about our own struggles, fears, and failures, the less unique others see their own. Given a sense of not being alone may encourage them to speak or ask for help. We can help make it okay to not be okay.

It is a shame that, nowadays, we spend more on what we hang on our walls than we do on what sits on our bookshelves.

For me, poetry is like my golf game. I am certain I am not good at it, I never win, and yet I love playing. In that way, they are exactly the same.

We are measured by the intent of our words, more severely than the content.

The reward for any kindness is found in the doing. What happens after that is of no consequence and left to karma.

Love is a universal concept. Much like sleep, hunger, or thirst, it is an instinctual need developed over eons of evolution and tapped into our ancient societal fabric. It is a thread through every language, culture, or peoples. We just need to share the emotion as well as we share the concept.


Now get out there and write something!


19 Responses to “Tuesday Tidbits #95”
  1. beth says:

    the reward for kindness is in the doing, yes absolutely

  2. mistermuse says:

    ‘Tis better to give than to receive; it
    Is better still….if you believe it.

  3. Jim Borden says:

    love the one about the bookshelves; we have very little hanging on our walls (I’m too lazy and incompetent to do so), but at least we have lots of books!

  4. Very wise and true words, the reward for kindness is doing, the rest is up to karma, quite right, but what we hang on the walls are like novels, poems or narratives and it’s money well spent, without detracting from the value of books, which I love and collect. Wonderful and a fab post as always my friend. Cheers and a great day to you!

  5. petespringerauthor says:

    Yes, to being a gentleman never going out of style. Doing something out of respect is the key. I had a bizarre experience maybe ten years ago. I saw a lady (grandmotherly type) struggling with getting her groceries into her car. I offered to help, and I know she appreciated it. After I ran my own errand, I came out to my car, and there was a note on my windshield that said, “You can help me with grocery bags any day of the week. She left a name and a number.” I don’t know if it was one of my friends messing around because it sounds like something from their playbook. Oh well, I’ll never know since I’m happily married.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Your golf game doesn’t even compare to your poetry, and that’s not a take on your golf game. I really enjoy reading your poems.

  7. kristianw84 says:

    Love, love, love every single one of these!! The first, second, and last had me saying “oh, yes!” The pictures on my walls are photos I’ve taken, but both my walls and bookshelves are covered.

    I can assure you, you are exceptionally good at poetry. No one moves me with it like you do! ❤

  8. I am too much of a wall-hanger but at least I know it, so hope exists.

  9. jonicaggiano says:

    I have missed you Brad. I love your words. The first and last are so true and beautiful my friend. Sending my love and hugs to you. 🤗❤️

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