Tuesday Tidbits #113


Welcome to the limited series, Tuesday Tidbits. A collection of quotes to provide inspiration, determination, and elevation. I hope you find something that brightens your day!


Every religious text calls for man to be charitable. We wage wars over our differences, and yet cannot come together on something every faith commands.

I am a confident man and love to hug friends when we meet. It is a lost art to show affection to be the people we see all the time. Some people are not always comfortable with this, and those are the people I love hugging the most.

Love is a dangerous road filled with the beautiful curves of a lover that hide the pitfall for any heart. One must drive with the headlights on, two hands on the wheel, and a foot on the brake. Keep your eyes open, stay in control, and don’t go too fast.

On the flow chart of life, every failure has an arrow pointing to the next step.

An individual word can have varying definitions. But placed within the context of a sentence, the definition becomes fixed and therein lie its only power.

Love is a hunger. Left unfed, the spirit withers and dies.

In everything that I have, have been given, and am, what do I truly have of value to offer my fellow human being than a kind word and a caring ear?


Now get out there and write something!


23 Responses to “Tuesday Tidbits #113”
  1. beth says:

    I’m a hugger too. much to the dismay of some of the world. )

  2. If people knew how amazing, solid and strong your hugs are, they’d be lining up for one! It’s ironic that we both captured the joy of affection in a family that seldom showed it!

  3. K.L. Hale says:

    I’m a hugger, too! I love the “love” quotes! 🤗💛

  4. kristianw84 says:

    I look forward to receiving a hug from you one day, Brad! I love the tidbit about love, and as always, the last one!

  5. Jim Borden says:

    love the flowchart and the kind word and a caring ear…

  6. petespringerauthor says:

    I am a bigtime hugger. One of the things I thought about when Covid first reared its head was how hard it would be on me not to hug students the way I was accustomed to.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      The fact that this virus made us fear being close to each other is likely to be a residual of this pandemic. But tried and true huggers like ourselves can win back the day. Thank you, Pete!

  7. Again a wonderful group of thoughts to live by. And here in Europe everybody hugs and kisses (2 kisses, one on each cheek) both men and women, we’ve no problem with that. We kiss our fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, without a complex and people touch and get close to each other without fear or complexes and it is not abuse or anything immoral. And it used to be like that in the US…

  8. I am not known as a hugger and I just knew that was why people love to hug me! Virtual hug to you, Brad.

  9. jonicaggiano says:

    I can’t pick a favorite and often can’t because they are all so true. Being from the south I am a hugger with no shame. I also like the one on love, it can blind us to flaws. I am full of flaws so I feel blessed to be loved. Also you are so right infants that are not touched fail to thrive. Some even die. We are creatures that are meant to love one another to live longer and have a lap to comfort us when needed. Religion has been used as a way to harm others for ever. Such a sad thing to me. I love people regardless of their religious beliefs. Great post. Sending a chain of hugs. Love ❤️ Jonikins

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