I hear your lovely scriptured words

Remnants of the sermons heard

But the lessons that they give

Are not the way you choose to live

I can see who you really are


In actions, you profess less truth

Than the teachings of my youth

The sanctity professed in light

Turns to evil in the hidden night

Fully absent of a guiding star


I cannot reconcile all you’ve said

With where your choices now have led

I am labeled the non-believer

But you are truly the deceiver

For that is what I have learned


Still your tongue so full of lies

Keep your reasons and alibis

Do now what you know is right

Or prepare for the coming fight

Your karma has been well-earned


Am I to believe you loved the man

Who for his children had a different plan

If I had the heart with which to pray

What is it your good God would say

About you, his so perfect child


9 Responses to “Hypocrite”
  1. yassy says:

    Well written, Brad. You prove your point with so much insight and wisdom!

  2. kristianw84 says:

    I LOVE this! This is one of those poems that resonates deeply as many people have been duped by another’s lies at some point.

    That last stanza is killer! Bravo!!

  3. beth says:

    very powerful message, and I understand this well

  4. I especially feel this post whenever I read its words. It brings out the host of emotions, most of them unpleasant, but it also brings me peace to share that I am not the only one feeling what these words inspire.

    Feliz Navidad, my favorite brother! I love you beyond the words to tell you.

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