The Learned



Our innocence is not sacrosanct

But a brief moment in our childhood

Where emulated heroes are thanked

For conceptualized bad and good

It is not fortified against time

As the vines of bias crawl the surface

Finding the cracks in a world sublime

Creating hate that has no purpose

Not born to see others differently

We let populous beliefs sneak in

Born in pureness and of sanctity

We greedily commit the first sin

We see difference as something less

Forgotten the child’s humanity

Cannot recognize each for their best

Product of personal vanity

When did we decide to stop sharing

Our hearts in its philanthropic light

When did we decide to stop caring

And do what every child knows right

If with age comes the greatest wisdom

And wisdom would for peace and love yearn

We would not have to turn to children

In hopes these perceptions to unlearn

Just watch them there as they laugh and play

Sharing the joy of being alive

No hatred or bias to hold sway

Acceptance and tolerance both thrive

Steel yourself against what subjugates

The inner child that lives within you

Let go of the osmosis-learned hates

The next example in all you do




2 Responses to “The Learned”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    the innocence of children…

  2. Harley Unhinged says:

    Brilliantly penned.

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