Cause for Pause


Our lives are filled with things to be done

Chores to be worked and errands to run

We scurry about at such a harried pace

For being idle never wins the rat race


Each moment we have, we struggle and strive

As if, by doing, we will feel more alive

Yet, all the actions and the work that we ply

Simply watch as the precious moments tick by


But there is something you have never been told

It is in the stillness that our lives unfold

Doing nothing, for a moment, is not a sin

And taking a break may be just how you win


A pause from the world may feel a bit lazy

But the running around has only made you crazy

So, sit and be still, think of nothing at all

Relax your mind and let the worries fall


Juts a moment of tranquility and peace

Where our lives find their true release

A minute not filled with things to do

In the quiet is found much more to you


11 Responses to “Cause for Pause”
  1. This needs a “love” button! It took me too long to realize and learn the truth of your words, and still, I sometimes have trouble shutting my mind off when I am “still”. But, I have learned to just let whatever runs through my mind be free and without forethought in those moments. When I do so in my ‘resting moments’, seated comfortably and with eyes closed, I usually end up reliving some really nice memories, which make me feel happy and content. We all need still time, and time to remind ourselves that “in this moment, I am okay; in this moment, all is okay”. That’s my calming mantra, and it works.

  2. beth says:

    Oh, this is so very true –

  3. kristianw84 says:

    Love, love, love this one! Practicing the art of being still is something I strive to do, daily. I meditate every morning, and I try spending time with nature as often as I can, nature has a remarkable way of forcing me to be still. Maybe it’s because I’m so mesmerized by mother nature’s beauty. I truly believe in the importance of stillness. This is another one the whole world needs to read. Bravo!!

  4. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Sometimes we are too much in a rush and we forget that every minute is essential and to be lived fully, so even at warp speed we can still linger on for that moment’s duration and live each second that we are given. Lovely work my brother!

  5. petespringerauthor says:

    Superb advice, Brad! In an age where we always seem to need instant gratification, slowing down and enjoying the beauty around us is always a good choice.

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